PLEASE NOTE: Currently there are NO Cowboy Action Shoots Scheduled for 2017

Cowboy Action Shooting

This has become the fastest growing shooting sports around the world. This activity involves target shooting in locations (or stages) that resemble that of a typical old west town. It is a timed sport in which shooters compete for prestige on a course of different shooting stages. All the guns and costumes used are what you would expect to find during the mid to late 1800’s time period. Clothing can be very simple or elaborate as determined by the competitor. Period dress is preferred, but not required. There are various age divisions so participants can enter a match against people who is nearest their own age group.


Cowboy Action Firearms

Cowboy Action Shooting is a shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the Old West. Here are some general rules to follow if you want to particpate:

Handguns must be single action original or reproduction pistols (Colt, Ruger, Uberti, etc.) in .32 caliber or larger. Rifles must be (chambered in pistol caliber) lever or pump action and .25 caliber or larger. Shotguns (pre 1900 style) can be hammer or hammerless side by side, pumps with hammers (97 Winchester), lever with hammer (87 Winchester, etc.) and 20 guage or larger.

Cowboy Action Shooting - Ammo Requirements 

Generally speaking a typical cowboy shoot consist of six different stages of 1 to 2 posse's, wild bunch shooting and side matches could also take place. We are a SASS affiliated club and SASS rules apply at our monthly shoots. If you want to participate with the ammo requirements on average, you can expect to use 10 rounds per stage for pistol, 9-10 rounds per stage for rifle , and Shotgun 4-6 rounds per stage, plus extra for any side matches.

All rounds must be lead (no jackets or gas checks). Pistol ammo should be loaded to 1000 FPS or less. Rifle ammo should be 1400 FPS or less, and no shot larger than No.6 lead for the shotguns.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently there are NO Cowboy Action Shoots Scheduled for 2017