Membership Application

Membership Information

We are a private club and membership is available by application only. Applications for membership are available at the range clubhouse during scheduled safety orientation meetings, or download the application, fill it out completely and bring it with you to the next scheduled safety orientation meeting. Do not send your application in by mail, applications received by mail will not be accepted, you must bring the application with you in person when you attend a meeting. We are located at 4692 West Potash Hwy in Grand Island, NE.(map). These meetings are required for all new applicants and also best way to start the application process. Safety orientation meetings for new members are scheduled (see below) several times a year by the Grand Island Rifle Club.

Safety Orientation Meetings

A limited number of New Applicant / Safety Orientation Meetings will be held in 2016. The first of these meetings for new applicants will be held on the date listed below , so please make a note of this date. The meeting listed below will start promptly on-time, so please arrive early if you plan to attend. The meeting listed below is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM (unless otherwise stated) at our range clubhouse. We are located at 4692 West Potash Hwy in Grand Island, NE.(map).

 PLEASE NOTE: No future safety meetings have been scheduled at this time. Please check back again and any new meetings will be posted here first.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

We are a 100% National Rifle Association (NRA) member club, which means that membership is also required to the NRA for acceptance in the Grand Island Rifle Club. All new members must maintain a membership in good standing with the NRA. Proof of membership to the NRA, with expiration date and member’s NRA Identification number must be supplied when paying dues to the GI Rifle Club. You can click on any NRA logo on this page to save on a one year membership.


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How It Works

When you attend a safety orientation meeting you will receive a book that includes all club safety rules and regulations. The membership committee will explain these rules to you and give you the opportunity to ask questions. These safety orientation meetings generally last about 90 minutes. Applications will be available at the clubhouse prior to the meetings. After the meeting Board of Directors will review and evaluate each application and then vote to either approve or deny membership to the club. Notification will be given by correspondence, normally within 10 business days. If approved, the applicant will be given information on how and when, membership dues can be paid. Upon paying dues, new applicants must show a valid driver’s license or state issued ID before dues can be accepted.

Membership Dues

A new member’s club dues are prorated quarterly, which means that dues are reduced throughout the year depending on when dues are paid. Once accepted, applicants have one year in which to pay their dues. If not paid within this time period, the application becomes null and void and the applicant will have to go through the application process again.

Full dues for returning members come due March first of each year and is currently at fifty dollars. All new member dues are prorated quarterly so that all annual membership renewals occur at the same time. Returning members must have proof of current NRA membership.

Still have questions? (click here) to view our frequently asked questions page for answers, or contact our Membership Secretary Don Amick at